Hot Dot Designs Jewellery student has a hidden talent!

Hot Dot Designs School of Fashion Jewellery  full time student has a hidden talent!

We all have secret desires and Melissa Wong is one of them!

Hot Dot Designs School of Fashion Jewellery

Hot Dot Designs School of Fashion Jewellery Studio/workshop

Mellisa is a Term student studying Jewellery making and designing at
Hot Dot Designs School of fashion Jewellery. (a Sydney Jewellery School with a difference!)

What is this hidden talent you may ask well its food! Read more

My Trip to “Gold and the Incas Lost worlds of Peru” at the National Gallery of Australia.

I have just returned for Canberra with  Miss Sharon, we stayed at the forrest Hotel and Apartments Clean, comfortable, warm, with all of the creature comforts you could possibly want…….close to Gallery and shops, friendly staff & great coffee! Ticks all the boxes

Travelled to Canberra for “Gold and the Incas Lost worlds of Peru” at the National Gallery of Australia.

What a visual feast in history, colour, beauty, culture and so much more.My excitement level was kicking in!

The experience took me straight back to my student days studying ceramics at St George College TAFE (See my bio here) Where many hours were spent in the library , researching, documenting, drawing and marvelling in These amazing works. Read more

Spikes & Crystals Glam Goth Punk!!

What can I say Fashion with sparkle! I had such fun designing these new jewellery pieces

I love spikes, I have spikes on my shoes and boots! Spikes on my dresses and tights!

Spike jewellery  is available on my website   

Carolyne B Designer Jewellery

Jewellery Making: Are you self-taught? Do you need lessons!

Jewellery making Are you self-taught? Do you need lessons?

This is a big topic. Yes I do think there comes a time where you need professional help with not only jewellery making but whatever you choose to do if you want to get better at it.

There is always something  that you need to know, to go further with your work.
You will know this when this happens. when you are stuck on how to do something whether it be a finish or a color combination or it just does not  look right or sit right, and you don’t know how to correct it.

small women Copy of 14115_wpm_lowresI hear the following words from women
I learnt from a Bead Craft Shop
I learnt from magazine and Books
I learnt from youTube
I learnt from a friend Read more

A story about a Derbyan Parrot, Conure & Long Beak Corella Episode 1

A story about three birds
Episode 1
Rin-Chen the Derbyan Parrott native to Tibet (sitting on my lap as I type) age not sure maybe 3 months still being fed so not weaned yet.

banks aasmallthetwo amegos 1smCalisie  a cinnamon cheek conure native to South America…age 5 months we have had her for over 3 months, I have spent a lot of time training her. She is talking/laughing and playing ball….very sweet funny little bird. She vogues, lays on her back for tickles and comes for a walk with me in the mornings, oh and she is toilet trained…sometimes making a few little mistakes

Banks a Long Beak Corella, age 35 we have had her from a baby. She rules the roost and does exactly what she pleases! Banks talks has added nothing new to her repertoire in 30 years.

Her breakfast consists of warm porridge & rice or corn with vanilla paste or manuka honey.   It has to be just warm or she will throw it off the balcony.
Says it all really! Read more

Jewellery Sale raises money for A21

Jewellery Sale raises money for A21

We all have these moments in our life when we meet special people.
This story about one of those special people.

I first met Rose-Marie at the Craft & Quilt Show in darling harbour many years ago now, and knew from the moment she approached that she was special…she oozes softness and sense of calm & generosity.
She is a delightful intelligent woman, I consider myself lucky indeed that she firstly was attracted to my stand Hot Dot Designs & secondly she chose me Carolyne Brennan as her jewellery tutor. It has been wonderful to be a part of her creative journey.

rosemarie 1






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Summer Colour co-ordinating for Silk knotted Resin necklace

Wow I am so excited with Summer fast approaching, be gone winter and come on summer!!
It is with excitement that I went to my wardrobe for one of my gorgeous summer Dangerfield dresses.

 I am a bit sick of dressing for winter so summer here I come.
Then Oh shock horror…no jewellery to match!

Dress pattern
dangerfiled dress colse up




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Cutting Wire and Burring for Jewellery

a Zebra cupbur & reamer

Hot Dot Designs Zebra cup bur & reamer set

Industry Tips & Techniques 
Cutting Wire and burring
When you are cutting wire for jewellery making if you do not use a quality pair of cutters you will always have a rough edge which will you will have to file away
You can use a small flat file, but this becomes a little tricky when you have to maneuver the file into small-complicated places, as working with, twisting, and shaping wire components free hand or on a wig-jig. Read more

Glass workshop Level 1 (beginners) with Hot Dot Designs

Glass workshop Level 1 (beginners) with Hot Dot Designs

Results and images from the Dichroic glass workshop level 1 held in my studios

Student concentrating on cutting glass

In the beginning there were a few vague stares off into space, there always is with this workshop as the whole process of glass fusing is complicated to understand for the beginner.


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Cutting Wire using Lindstom cutters

 Cutting  Wire

If you have decided that you are serious about perusing making jewellery & working with wire, I would highly recommend that you invest in a quality pair of cutters.large lindstroms Rx8160
I always use Lindstroms and have done for over twenty years and they are still going strong see website Read more